Employment Law Series: Right-to-Work Laws in North Carolina

The phrases “at-will” and “right-to-work” regarding employment in North Carolina are relatively well-known.  However, while the terms may be familiar to people, the exact meanings of these phrases seems to remain a mystery. We discussed the concept of employment “at-will” in an earlier article. The term “right-to-work” means that an employer cannot demand that an […]

Employment Law Series: “At-Will” Employment in North Carolina

Many of those employed in North Carolina are familiar with the term “at-will employment.” However, what exactly does this term mean? The phrase “at-will” means that an employer can terminate an employee at any time and for any reason. This remains the case even if the reason for termination is inaccurate, or if there is […]

Employment Law Series: “At-Will” vs. “Right-to-Work”

Many North Carolinians are familiar with the terms “at-will” and “right-to-work” regarding employment. However, while both terms are used in common discourse, they are often misused or used interchangeably. Simply put, the two phrases do not have the same meaning. So, what exactly do these terms mean? “At-will” employment refers to an employer’s ability to […]