Sharing The Road: School Bus Edition

Now that the school year is in full swing, drivers need to be consistently conscientious that they are sharing the road with school buses. Young students also need to be aware of how to safely get to and from school using the bus. It’s a two way street, and the safety of children is the […]

E-Z Legal Form Dispute Provides A Cautionary Tale

Online legal forms are an increasingly popular way to draft documents such as wills and separation agreements. However, relying on these forms have drawbacks. A recent Florida case gives some insight on the risk of using these online legal forms. In Aldrich v. Basile, Ms. Aldrich relied on an online “E-Z Legal Form” to write […]

NC Man Cannot Use Voidable Marriage As A Defense To Alimony

In Duncan v. Duncan, the North Carolina Court of Appeals addressed the issue of a voidable marriage. The Duncans exchanged vows in two separate marriage ceremonies. The first occurred in 1989 and was presided over by a man who held himself out as a Cherokee medicine man and who was ordained as a minister by […]